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I am searching for a certain Raymond Roth whom was born and raised in New York or any of his potential family members or any of his potential cousins through his brother Henry H. Roth or through Raymond Roth's first cousins Irene Roth, Sophia Roth and Henry Battenfeld.

If the following information about Raymond Roth makes sense to anyone reading this message, (please click here to me).

The reason I am searching for Raymond Roth is that I have recently discovered that he is a Roth related cousin to myself. Raymond Roth's grandfather is Adam Roth who in turn is an older brother to my great grandfather Henry Roth. We only recently discovered and verified this relationship through marriage and death certificates. From the Census records I can see our Roth families lived within a short distance of each other in Ridgewood New York.

The 1930 Census I see Raymond R. Roth listed as being born in the Year 1929. It looks like Raymond Roth might of been born in either April 1929 or May 1929.

The parents of Raymond Roth are Henry Roth (born 27 Aug 1896 - died July 1968) and Elizabeth Hambel (born about 1900 - died ?). Raymond Roth's brother Henry H. Roth is listed as being born in 1919 or 1920. The family of Raymond Roth are listed as living on Woodward Avenue in Ridgewood Queens County, New York.

The 1940 Census I see a 10 year old Raymond Roth living at 11-06 E. 95th Street in Brooklyn, New York and with him is an older brother Henry Roth Jr. who is 20 years old and their parents Henry Roth and his wife Elizabeth. Raymond's father Henry Roth is listed as being a Printer.


I did notice there is a certain World War II veteran named Henry H. Roth (born 28 Sep 1919 - died 5 Oct 1971) whose wife is a certain Anna Roth (born 19 Oct 1924 - died 3 Dec 1975). I believe Henry H. Roth lived in Brooklyn, New York and I have a very good feeling that this Henry Harry Roth is the brother of Raymond Roth.

I had spotted the 1920 Census of the family of Raymond Roth. His parents Henry and Elizabeth Roth, and his older brother Henry Roth are living on Grove Street in Brooklyn, New York.

At the moment I am still pulling together information on Charles Roth who is an uncle to Raymond Roth. At the moment I found the 1920 Census of Charles Roth living as a widow on Harman Street with his two daughters Irene Roth born 1906 about and Sophia Roth born about 1908. Living with them is Sophia Roth the grandmother of Raymond Roth. Irene Roth and Sophia Roth would be first cousins to Raymond Roth. His Uncle Charles Roth appears to be living at 691 Wales Avenue in the Bronx during the early 1940s.

Raymond Roth also had an Aunt Christine Roth who was married to a certain Ernest Battenfeld who lived in Queens County New York. They had at least one son named Henry Battenfeld who would also be another first cousin to Raymond Roth.

I do not know if Raymond Roth had or has lived in New York all his life or if he had moved to another state.

I am really looking forward to either hearing from Raymond Roth himself if he is still alive or any of his potential family members or any of his potential relatives through his brother Henry or first cousins.


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