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I am searching for a certain Joseph Waring from New York or any potential children or relatives of Joseph Waring.

Joseph J. Waring is the son of William Waring and Louisa Weber. Joseph Waring was born in New York City around the year 1907, and I believe his actual birthday might be on August 16, 1906. I believe Joseph Waring died on March 12, 1979 either in or near Lindenhurst New York.

Joseph Waring married Sophie Roth on July 27, 1929 in Queens, New York. Sophie Roth is the daughter of Charles Roth and Dolly McCauley.

In the 1930 Census I see Joseph Waring and Sophie Roth living at 25-86 44th Street in Queens, New York. As they were newly married, I do not know if they ever had any children. Hopefully once the 1940 Census is indexed, I can find them in the 1940 Census and see if they had any children. The 1930 Census indicates Joseph Waring as being a Salesman in the Laundry industry.

I do not know if the following details is correct but I have found a birthdate for Sophie Roth as being February 9, 1908 in Brooklyn, New York. It looks like Sophie and Joseph Waring may of at one time been living at the address 243 Granada Parkway in Lindenhurst, New York.

If the following information about Joseph Waring and his wife Sophie Roth makes sense to anyone reading this message, (please click here to me).

The reason I am searching for any potential family members or relatives of Joseph Waring and his wife Sophie is that I have recently discovered that Sophie is a Roth related cousin to myself. Sophie's father Charles Roth and Charle Roth's father is Adam Roth who in turn is an older brother to my great grandfather Henry Roth. We only recently discovered and verified this relationship through marriage and death certificates. From the Census records I can see our Roth families lived within a short distance of each other in Ridgewood New York.


I am including some more details on Joseph Waring of New York in regard to his brothers and sisters in the hope that perhaps some family members of his siblings may be reading this message whom may be of assistance to me.

The 1910 Census shows a 3 year old Joseph Waring living with his widowed mother Louise Waring at the address 11-88 Second Avenue in New York City. Living with them is a sister of Joseph Waring named Margaret Waring born about the year 1897 and an older brother named William Waring born about the year 1900. I believe William Benjamin Waring the father of Joseph Waring died on December 1, 1908 in New York City.

The 1920 Census shows a 13 year old Joseph J. Waring still living with his widowed mother Louisa Waring and with them are his sister Margaret M. Waring and brother William B. Waring listed as being a auto mechanic. Joseph Waring and his family were living at 337 E. 52nd Street in New York City during the 1920 Census.

I believe that Joseph Waring's mother Louisa Waring, maiden name Weber died on February 4, 1943 in Queens, New York.

William Benjamin Waring married Deborah Collins on December 9, 1923 in Bronx, New York. It looks like they may of had a number of children, so hopefully someone from this particular branch may be reading this message whom might help me with more details of Joseph Waring and his wife, Sophie who is my cousin.

Joseph's brother William Waring I believe may of been born February 11, 1900 and died April 17, 1964.

Joseph's sister Margaret Waring I believe may of been born July 11, 1896 and died January 29, 1999 near or in Islip Terrace, New York - Margaret may of been married to a man named Julius Solomon Worth.


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